Tom (his name has been changed), while in the US Army, had been exposed to a sulfur bomb in the Iraqi War. His teeth began to deteriorate immediately. When he arrived home with PTSD, his life started breaking down. He soon lost his home and family. In 2019, while living at the Michigan Veterans Foundation Shelter, he saw one of our flyers. The volunteer dentist extracted his (9) remaining abscessed teeth. As he waited during the healing process, a series of hurricanes damaged the southern part of the United States. He is a trained roofer. A national request was made for all roofers to come to the hurricane area. He traveled there and was able to put a little money aside. When he returned, he was able to create a crew of local roofers as a business and is repairing a Detroit house. He said that he is a better salesman with a full set of teeth.