At Malta Dental and Medical Clinic we pride ourselves in being a truly not-for-profit organization that helps those in true need of dental and medical care. Without the support of donations the clinic could not operate. Building costs, medical supplies, and basic costs are covered by contributions from people like you. You can help make this clinic remain a reality for our patients.

As you sort through the various requests for contributions and try to assess which organizations and how much to contribute, we ask you to consider Malta Dental and Medical Clinic for the following reasons.
β€’ We serve individuals who have no other access to care (low-income, uninsured individuals).
β€’ We do more than improve our patients’ physical and oral health, we provide them with dentures that increase their general health, their looks and their self-esteem; this brings them out of hiding and embarrassment and gives them the confidence to seek employment.
β€’ We do it efficiently (in 2019 – a normal year – for every dollar we spent, we provided services with a value of approximately $2.75).
β€’ Our partnership with Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan will provide our patients with access to food, clothing, behavioral health and other social services daily

If you would like to send a check, please make the check out to Malta Dental and Medical Clinic. Please mail it to Malta Dental and Medical Clinic, PO Box 2345, Dearborn, MI 48124-0001